1. What happened at Concordia University?

Concordia big crooks (Kenniff, Sheinin, Swamy, Sankar, etc.) used little ones to provoke me, and they succeeded.  They found a gullible person (Hogben) to threaten my life.  If you threaten somebody's life, you better be prepared to die.

2. If you did not plan to kill anyone, why did have your guns loaded?

The idea was to scare the gang, so that they leave me alone.  In a revolver, it is readily visible that it is empty.  It is stupid to point a gun at another person, where it is obvious that the gun is not loaded.

3. You were convicted of premeditated murder.  The Jury obviously did not believe your claim that you did not plan the killing.

Corrupt Judge Martin did not allow me to testify, Jury has never heard my story.  Jury pool was tampered with.

Hogben offered me about $200,000 shut-up money, which I did not accept.  If I planned to kill him, I would have taken the money first.

4. How could you kill 4 innocent people in cold blood?

Not a single innocent person was harmed: the people I killed were members of the gang, which threatened my life.  About "cold blood": you were not there, and neither were reporters, who used this cliche. it was a very traumatic experience for me, who never killed even a fish, but I am very proud that I had the courage to do it.

5. Why did not you go to police if you felt your life to be in danger?

I had to complain on the Chief Justice of Quebec Gold, who was at that time also the Concordia Chancellor.  There was no way they would do anything against Chief Justice.

6. You can not claim self-defense, since the people you killed did not point a gun at you.

When someone points a gun at you, it is generally too late to pull your own gun.  If a gang member makes a veiled death threat, it makes no sense to wait till he arranges your murder.

7. You did not give you victims a chance to defend themselves; you killed unarmed people.

These people belonged to a gang, which threatened my life.  I did nothing wrong to them.  They have chosen to behave the way they did and they got the consequences.

8. You took Justice in your own hands; what kind of society would we have if everybody did the same?

When the top administrators like Rector, Minister, MP, Chief Justice have no respect for the law, a human, whose life is threatened, has no choice but to take justice in his own hands.  If everybody did what I have done, we would have had a society which DOES respect the laws.

9. You are a coward who killed 4 innocent people.

About "innocent", see question 4. A coward would have tried to hire someone to kill.  Another type of coward would kill in the darkness of night and then run away to avoid criminal responsibility.  What I did was as brave as it could go.

10. You are a paranoid idiot, who imagined his life in danger and killed 4 innocent people.

About "innocent", see question 4. Even if one is paranoid, this does not mean that nobody is following him.  Hogben used the contempt of court accusation to threaten my life.

11. You are just trying to justify an insane act; several respectable psychiatrists testified at your trial that you had problems and one even said that you were not fit to stand trial.

I was never insane, I knew perfectly well what I was doing and I knew why I was shooting each individual.  The crooked psychiatrists could not diagnose anything, since I refused to speak with them.

12. Why did not you find another job, if you were so miserable at Concordia?

I did my best: I sent over 1000 applications to practically every university in the US, as well as other continents (Australia, New Zealand, etc.), to no avail.

13. Why did not you just leave: being unemployed is still better than to die in Jail.

First, I did not plan to kill anyone, so I never considered those alternatives.  I had a wife and 2 small children, I could not just leave.

14. Are you sorry?

No, I am at peace with myself.  I did the right thing.  Eleven years of jail convinced me beyond a reasonable doubt.

15. You are a convicted murderer, why should we believe a single word of yours?

I see no logic in this statement: a law-abiding citizen can be a liar, and a criminal can be a truthful person.

16. What can be done to prevent repetitions of Concordia?

What is surprising, except for one case, nobody is asking this question, though I think, this is the most important question.  The recipe is very simple: stop abusing people.  Stop bullying at schools, there would be no shootings there.  If an abuse occurred, rectify the situation.  Make sure that Justice is indeed for all, and that an abused person can get a redress to his grievances by legal means, without need to resort to violence.

17. Questions, nobody asks: would anyone be killed if Hogben did not threaten my life?  Why would Hogben do it?  He had no personal interest in the matter, so somebody told him to do it.  Who was that
somebody? Former Chief Justice Gold, who was then Concordia Chancellor. Now you understand, why nobody in the media asks these questions.