King is naked

Everybody is praising Bush for coming to Baghdad for Thanksgiving.  Bush is called a very brave man.  Well, if he is brave, sneaking, like a thief in the darkness of night, what would you say about Rumsfeld, who was not afraid to come in the open, did not limit his presence by airport only and even traveled to another city?  Is he super-brave?

Nobody dares to say that the king is naked: Bush has always been a lousy coward, he was hiding underground on September 11, and he was behaving as a coward on Thanksgiving. Why should a President of the most powerful country in the world be so scared, that he was ready to turn back, if any of reporters would break their silence?  Even when he was already in Baghdad, no reporter was allowed to tell the world.

Here is a comparison from history.  On November 7, 1941, Stalin was standing in the open on Red Square during military parade, while Hitler's army was about 20 km away.  The parade was not a secret, it was broadcast all over the country.


Taking public for stupid

 1. A  tiger  attacked Roy, almost killed him.  Roy had to undergo numerous surgeries and several months later is still in the hospital.  The story seems  to be clear, well, not so fast.  If you listen to the media, the tiger  did not attack Roy, on the contrary, he tried to save him.  Save from  who?  Some spectator made a suspicious move, so tiger grabbed Roy by  the neck, as tigers take their cubs, brought him behind the curtain and  released.   Wow,  it  is so amusing to see Larry King listening to this  nonsense  and  nodding  his  head.   Do you believe King to be so stupid?  Nobody dares to ask, how come, none of tiger cubs ends up in a hospital fighting for his life after being carried by the neck?

I  guess, Zygfrid understood, how stupid the "protection from stranger" explanation  looked,  so  he invented yet another story.  Now Roy had a high  blood  pressure and was about to have a stroke.  His tiger was so smart, that he understood that Roy was in mortal danger, he grabbed him by  the  neck  and punctured Roy's artery by his teeth, thus decreasing blood  pressure  and effectively saving Roy's life.  I have never heard anything as absurd as that.

Nobody  has  the decency to say: "Stop this nonsense: you did something wrong  to the tiger and he took his revenge.  Have the courage to admit it!"

2. Back  in  November,  two  US  helicopters  were  reported to fall down, killing  a  number of US soldiers.  Major investigation was launched to find  out,  why  it  happened.   Media  repeated  many times, that they probably  collided.   Does one really need a major investigation?  Five soldiers survived, ask them, what happened and this would be the end of investigation.   There  is  one  more detail: the helicopters fell 250m apart.   When two helicopters collide, they fall together.  US military consider  it too humiliating to admit that Iraqis have managed to shoot down 2 helicopters simultaneously, and yellow reporters do not have the decency to tell the obvious truth.

 3. There was an explosion in Saudi Arabia.  The very next day their police have  arrested  about  20  people, and everyone arrested admitted being involved in explosion.  There were couple of explosions in Turkey.  The same  story.   More  than  that,  they  captured  a  man  they called a mastermind  of those explosions.  The very next day, the media recorded this  man  standing  at  the  place  of explosion and allegedly telling police, how he did it.  Wow!  Is not all this remarkable?  FBI is still unable  to find anyone related to anthrax mailings.  Is police in Saudi Arabia and Turkey so much better than FBI?

Ask  yourself  a  very  simple  question:  why would anyone admit being involved  in terrorist acts, knowing full well that upon admission they would  get  death  penalty?   The answer is obvious: they were tortured into  confession.  Are they really guilty?  I bet, not.  Police in both Saudi  Arabia  and  Turkey  just  grab  any  20  people they knew to be critical  of  government  and  then  torture  them into confession, and voila, the crime is solved.  Well, if they could arrest all involved in explosion  the  very next day, why could not they do it the day before?  This way, they would have prevented the explosion.

 Are our yellow journalists really so stupid not to understand all this?  Of course, not: they are yellow, not stupid.

 4. US military brag that their excellent "analytical work" enabled them to get  Saddam.   For God's sake, who they are kidding!  They tortured the information  out  of  their  prisoners.   How much "analytical work" is    required for torturing people?

Interview with an American hero

It  was  astounding to watch: the most often repeated phrase was: "I was so  scared,  that I prayed to God."  She claimed that her gun jammed, so that  she could not shoot.  Do you believe this nonsense?  Even if a gun jams,  you  clean it up and continue shooting.  Military weapon is quite reliable.   Your friends get killed, take their gun and shoot.  When she awaken  up  in  Iraqi  hospital, her thoughts were again: "Please, don't hurt  me!"  She was so paranoid, that she refused to eat any food, which was  not  sealed  fearing that Iraqis would poison her.  She was also so stupid,  that  she  could not understand that if Iraqis really wanted to kill her, they had so many options to do so, including sticking a little needle into sealed and packaged food and poison it.

Some people say: "What do you want, she is just a young girl".  Nothing, just  do  not  make her a hero, she is a sorry excuse for a soldier, she should  have  never  been enlisted in the first place.  Some people give her credit for being honest and not claiming to be a hero.  This is also not  so:  when  she was rescued, she pretended not to remember anything.  This  was  a  trick:  everyone  declared  her  to be a hero killing many Iraqis, she knew this to be false, but had no courage to tell the truth.  She  was waiting to see, what will happen, and when she learned that all her  friends  were  outraged  telling  that  she never fired a shot, she decided  to  tell  the  truth, well, not all: her book is titled "I am a soldier too".  This is a lie.

Some  of her CLOSE friends even decided to make money and sold her naked pictured  to Larry Flint, and then Flint decided to be patriotic and not to publish naked pictures of American hero.

Only in America!

Fighting for contracts

US  declared,  that only Coalition countries would be allowed to bid for  contracts  for  Iraq  reconstruction.   Canada,  Russia  and  others are outraged:  they  should  be  allowed  to  bid  too.  Some agree and some    disagree,  nobody  is  saying  what should be said: only Iraqi companies should be eligible to bid for these contracts.  Is not this obvious?  It is  their  country,  they  are  perfectly  capable  of  doing it and, in addition, they can do it cheaper, than anyone else, because Iraqis would agree to work for less than one-tenth of American pay.


An observation

Whenever  an  American  (or  a  Canadian)  says:  "This is not about the money", have no doubt, in majority of cases, it is about the money.

Very well organized crime

No, I am not talking about Mafia or bikers; I am talking about political parties.   They  are  very  well  organized,  and  their  real goals are criminal:  they  want  to  grab  power  and  then to rob and pillage the country  as  much  and as long as possible and generally, with impunity.  They do more harm to the country, than Italian, Irish, Russian and every other Mafia and all the bikers taken together.

Just  look  at  the  last event of merger of Conservatives and Alliance.  They do not hide, that their only reason for merger - hope to be able to grab  power.   One party already showed itself as crooks during Mulroney years,  the  other  party  consists  of redneck bigots, who did not show themselves as bunch of crooks for one reason only: they have not been in power yet.  This does not mean that Liberals are any better.

What  seems  astounding  to  me,  is that people of Northern territories understand all this very well and all their legislators are independent.  All  the  political  parties  were soundly defeated there.  How come the rest of Canada is so stupid not to understand such a simple thing?

Am I missing something?

Bush  has  accused  Syria  of  harboring  terrorists.  Which Syria is he talking  about?   Is  this  the  same  Syria,  where he deports Canadian citizens  suspected in ties with terrorists, so that Syria would torture them?   As  we know, Syrians do torture people suspected in terrorism at the  request  of Americans, and they do it well.  Do the words torturing and harboring mean the same?  Is Bush's English that bad?

God loves you

Latest  proofs:  earthquake  in California - as a Christmas present; and recently,  a  devastating  earthquake in Iran.  Imagine 2 Gods: one, who created  planet  Earth  as  it is, and the other, who could have created planet  Earth  without  faults,  so  that  it  would  not  be  prone  to  earthquakes.  Now, which God is more loving?

20-th hijacker

CNN  has  declared  that  one  of detainees in Guantanamo is suspected of being 20-th hijacker.  Do I recall correct, that somebody else is already in  jail  for  almost  3 years for the same reasons - Moussaoui?  What is interesting, CNN did not mention this little detail.

Spectacle in Ottawa

RCMP  has  raided  office  and  house of reporter O'Neill, searching for sources  of  leaks  of  classified information.  Immediately, 2 opposing opinions  emerged:  one  group  is  saying  that freedom of the press is breached  and  this  is  unacceptable,  while  the  other is saying that reporters  are  not  above  the law and should be held responsible, like everybody  else.   Well,  there is the third side of the story, the real one.  Let us look at the whole situation.

An  innocent  human  being  was  sent to Syria to be tortured into false confessions  by  US  on advise of Canadian RCMP.  After long torture, he was  finally released and came back to Canada.  RCMP does not look good.  What to do?  To leak information maligning Arar to reporters they trust.  It  is  not a secret, that each newspaper has at least one reporter, who made  a deal with the devil: RCMP (CISIS) gives them scoops (leaks), and they  in  exchange  provide favorite spin in the newspaper.  O'Neill was obviously one of those "spinners".  She got the WELL AUTHORIZED leak and did  the  requested  spin, maligning an honest and innocent man Arar and whitewashing RCMP.

Now,  do  you  sincerely  believe,  that  RCMP is so insane as to create trouble  to  one of its "spinners"?  Of course, not.  So, what the whole spectacle  is all about?  To raise credibility of the spinner.  Prior to this  "investigation",  nobody in the country knew, who O'Neill was, she was  a  nobody  and  nobody  was  very much interested to read, what she wrote.   Now  she  is a celebrity, everybody is taking an interview with her, everybody knows her name, she is almost a hero.

I  see  this  kind  of  things  on  a regular basis in jail: a spectacle confrontation  between  a  jail informant and guards.  It is designed to raise  informant's  reputation  and  credibility among prisoners, and it usually  works.   O'Neill obviously works for police, and they are doing their best to enhance her reputation.

Norman  Lester is another police informant, and he describes in his book similar  spectacle harassment; he even blurts out, that he was warned in  advance  about police search, so he had enough time to hide whatever he  needed  to  hide.  (Of course, Lester does not admit of being police informant and neither he admits, that it was a spectacle harassment).  I wrote a review of his book, which can be found in the big files section of this website.

This "police investigation" is the best thing which could happen to both O'Neill  and  Ottawa  Citizen,  they  certainly  made  a lot of money on publicity   and   increased   circulation.   O'Neill,  in  addition,  is guaranteed  the  top  journalistic  award this year, and this is exactly what government wants for a journalist, who maligned Arar.

This is not the America I know

This is the phrase repeated most often these days, when the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners is being discussed.  They want to emphasize, that America do not degrade its prisoners.  Really?  Let me tell you about the Canada I know, and suspect that America is not much better.

Almost every Canadian jail has a special cell, where jailers place prisoners totally naked.  I learned about such a cell hard way: I was placed in one at the Regional Reception Center, Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec from April 12 to April 14, 1994, I was tortured for total of 33 hours by cold and deprivation of sleep.  I was subjected to a degrading treatment: I was placed totally naked in a filthy cold cell, with no amenities or bedding, no furniture, and the front wall all glass, so that anyone entering could see me naked, and a security camera pointed at me, and a female laughter coming from the speakers.  Clearly, administration wanted to show me, that it was a female watching me through the camera.  Unlike in Iraq, jailers did not have any excuse, like they needed to soften me up for an interrogation.  Jailers only purpose was to humiliate me.

I have reported this incident to several judges, to the police, to the Civil Liberties Union, to the Office of Prisoners' Rights.  No reaction.  The very first sentence of the Mission Statement of the Correctional Service Canada says: "We respect the dignity of individuals ...” Section 69 of the Corrections Act reads: "No person shall administer, instigate, consent to or acquiesce in any cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment of an offender".

It looks like a very nice arrangement: the members of Parliament adopt a legislation which makes them feel good, which they can proudly demonstrate to the whole world, which allows them to criticize other countries for torture, and at the same time allows Correctional Service to continue their practices of torture and degrading treatment of prisoners, and all this is being done with silent blessing of the so called Office of Prisoners' Rights.

Now, if Canada treats its prisoners in such a degrading manner on a regular basis, do you really think that Americans are any better?  As usually, the media does not pose a really important question: how do you treat your own prisoners?

Idiots in medicine

Over 20,000 patients were studied in several countries and the doctors counted, that over 80% of heart attacks are observed in people, who has at least one risk factor: smoking, high blood pressure, lack of exercise, etc.  At the same time they are admitting, that 80% of population has at least one risk factor.  Their conclusion: to prevent heart attacks, the population needs to eliminate the risk factors.

Really?  Imagine, that we have a population with 80% of people having blue eyes.  Presume, that heart disease affliction does not depend on the colour of the eyes and is equally distributed between the blue-eyed and non-blue-eyed.  Now, if you take a random sample of the heart attack victims, what would be the most probable percentage of the blue-eyed victims of heart attack in this sample?  You got it - 80%.

More food for thought.  They say, that heart disease is the leading reason of deaths.  Indeed, it is, but if you look at the numbers, only about a quarter die of heart disease, 75% die for other reasons.  Now, if the so-called risk factors were really responsible for heart attacks, should not we have 80% of people dying of heart disease?

Does smoking cause lung cancer?

I looked at the relevant statistics and found something quite surprising.  On the one hand, majority of people dying of lung cancer are smokers.  On the other hand, from 1930 to 1990 the number of smokers DECREASED by half, at the same time, the number of people dying of lung cancer per 100,000 population INCREASED about 10 (TEN!) times. If smoking does cause lung cancer, should not these numbers decrease?

Yet another statistical fact: over 20% of adults smoke every day; the percentage of people dying from lung cancer is about 6%, which means, that majority of smokers do NOT get lung cancer.

I have never smoked and I hate the smell, but are not we doing great harm to medical research by blaming smoking for lung cancer, instead of looking for real causes?

Is the sun responsible for skin cancer?

I remember about 20 years ago, all the commercials were praising Coppertone for helping to get sun tan.  Now we have gone in another extreme: sun all of a sudden has become an enemy and we all need protection, otherwise we get skin cancer.  People are spending billions on buying sun blockers.  Let us see, what is the evidence that sun causes skin cancer.  As usual, there are some statistics to support it: Southern states have more cases than Northern, white people more often have skin cancer than blacks.

On the other hand, skin cancer often appears on the parts of body, which are never exposed to sun.  Less than 10,000 people die from skin cancer in US each year.  To place this in proper perspective, people in US are 10 times more likely to be killed in a hospital due to a medical error or twice as likely to be shot to death by a gun.  People are now spending billions on the so-called sun-blockers, trying to save themselves from something, which does not threaten them at all: out of 300 sun-baders, 299 never get skin cancer.  If the sun was really responsible for skin cancer, should not the number be much greater?  Last, but not least: if sun were the cause of skin cancer, introduction of sun-blockers would have significantly reduced the cases of skin cancer.  It did not.