Posted on May 9, 2009



The best job in the world


The media is all over "the best job in the world" - caretaker of island in Australia. In reality, the best job in the world is bank executive. You get millions in bonuses and even if you ruin your bank, and even if you get fired, you get $20 million just for agreeing to go. This the best job in the world. You cannot beat that.



Posted on May 21, 2009


To pig or to pig follow up


Have you seen the latest installment on this subject? 5 policemen beating up unconscious individual in Alabama? All 5 were fired, but the story is quite interesting. The beating took place in January of 2008 and police covered up the whole thing. More than that, they falsified the tape, cutting out the beating, when lawyer for the man requested the tape. It remains not clear how that lawyer finally managed to get the non-falsified tape. One thing is obvious, had the real tape not surfaced, these 5 cops would still be employed. This is what they typically do: falsify documents.

The same thing happens in jail. Cameras here are everywhere, but when something bad happens, these cameras all of sudden stop recording, or tape is mysteriously lost.

So, to pig or not to pig?



Posted on May 21, 2009


Taking us for stupid yet again


Obama declared that release of torture photos will endanger security of American troops. Let us see if this makes any sense. Imagine a terrorist who hates Americans. He saw Abu Ghraib pictures, he knows that there exists new photos of degrading treatment of prisoners. Now, he is told that those pictures are not as bad as Abu Ghraib is, but nevertheless, will never be released because such release will endanger American lives. Now, what do you think is in the head of this individual? He already saw Abu Ghraib and if the new pictures are not that bad, then he certainly sees no reason not to have them released. The fact that they are not released convinces him that they are worse. So, he would want to kill Americans even more. So, knowledge of existence of the pictures and refusal to release them would certainly create greater desire to kill Americans than just plainly releasing them.


The situation remind of anecdote where a child was asked who he loves more, father or mother, and the child says "I wouldn't tell you because I don't want to offend father". Are we really that stupid?


Posted on May 22, 2009


To pig or to pig follow up


One more illustration to the subject.

A little girl disappeared and Woostock, Ontario. Her mother was told by police repeatedly that they know for sure that she was responsible for the disappearance. Luckily, murderers were found. Her mother had nothing to do with it. Here is my question, what kind of low life scoundrel one must be to tell a grief stricken mother that she is the one who is responsible for the tragedy? Certainly, the word pig in this case is just insulting to pigs.

I was born in Russia. Children disappearance at the time was almost non-existent, but I can tell you one thing. No policeman there would even dare to mention to parents that they might be suspects, because he knows that population would tear him into pieces.



Posted on June 3, 2009


About Guantanamo


Here are some statistics. The total of Guantanamo population was about 900. About 600 of them were just let go. Out of this amount, around 27 started joining war against U.S. and some people use it as a proof that these people should not have been liberated. Try to think logically, if you are an innocent person, grabbed by foreign soldiers, brought to jail, tortured for several years and then let go, would you start war against country that did it to you? My logic tells me that it is surprisingly tiny proportion of people which started hostility against U.S. I would think that certain number of people would start hostility after being tortured for years even if they did not have any hostile intent prior to being imprisoned.


Now, imagine some sheriff in U.S. who would grab 900 people from the street, kept them in jail for several years and then let go. Wouldn't you charge with this sheriff with malicious abuse of power. After all, these people were let go for one simple reason, there was nothing collected against them.


It is astounding to read various statements about these prisoners that they are the "worst of the worst". Shouldn't people saying these words have at least some evidence to support the claim. Obviously they don't.


Another surprising thing. How come nobody in the media is saying these obvious things?



Posted on June 10, 2009


The best use for Guantanamo


Here is my suggestion how to use Guantanamo properly. Take all those bankers who put not just U.S., but the whole world into misery. Ship them to Guantanamo, lock them there, and throw away the key. My reason is that they have harmed the whole world, much more than all the terrorists taken together.


There exists a law of conservation of mass, there is law of conservation of energy, etc. I am pretty sure that there exists a law of conservation of money, which should read approximately as follows: if certain number of banks are missing huge amounts of money, this money did not disappear, but rather exactly the same amount of money which is missing can be found in the pocket of those crooked bankers. This was plainly the robbery of the whole world on an unprecedented scale. And this is why Guantanamo is proper and appropriate place for them.



Posted on June 13, 2009


Execute pay ezar - really?


Obama made significant steps to control executive pay. He introduces new position (executive pay ezar). Try to imagine. A guy comes to work. What the hell would he be doing 8 hours a day every day, calling various banks asking them how many millions they paid in bonuses today? Are we really that dumb to accept this masquerade?


He also claimed to give more power to shareholders to control executive pay. What exactly is this more power? Shareholders can vote for non-binding resolution about executive pay. If it is non-binding, what is the point to do that? How about giving shareholders a binding power to limit executive pay? After all, shareholders are the real owners of the company.



Posted on June 14, 2009


Guantanamo detainees resettlement


Here is the issue nobody raises for some reason. There is a big hoopla on where to put Guantanamo detainees. One country takes some of them, another country refuses to take them, etc. Here is my question: these people were located somewhere on the planet, prior to being arrested and delivered to Guantanamo. Had they not been arrested and delivered to Guantanamo, there would be no issue of their resettlement. Now, why can't they be brought back to the place they were arrested, given financial compensation for illegal detention, and released? Am I missing something?



Posted on July 16, 2009


Let us use common sense


It was reported in the news that many top executives from American social security were flown to fashionable resort for a luxury meeting with total spending of about $1 million. The justification of this expense was as follows: they have very difficult time, they are stressed, their lives have been threatened and they needed to unwind. Ok, let us look deeper into it. Why exactly are their lives threatened? They are dealing with the most vulnerable and the most deprived members of society. When these people are driven into despair of such magnitude that they start threatening the executive lives, this is the time for someone to investigate the work of this executive. I bet 100 to 1 that this scoundrel indeed mistreated the little guy by depriving him/her from the money Government owes them, thus making the little guy to threaten his life out of desperation. What common sense dictate in this case is not fly these executives to a luxury resort, but to have him fired with no severance pay of any kind and in addition, to subtract from his salary all the money he owes to this little guy whom he brought to the state of desperation.


Do I make sense?



Public option fear


There is a lot of hoopla about public option that will wipe out private medical insurance. Let us see whether it makes sense.


One thing might happen that people decide that public option is better than private. Everybody will join public option and private insurance will disappear. If this is so, then good riddance to private insurance if public option is better.


On the other hand, anyone who lives on this planet knows perfectly well that public option would not be that attractive or that good. Therefore, private company will still exist, except that they would certainly have to reduce their extravagant profit.


I can give you an example of Canada where private medical care is effectively forbidden and public option is the only option and it is certainly not very good. So, what happens in Canada? Numerous private medical establishments appeared because where there is a demand, there is a supply. If private medical care appears in Canada, so don't worry, it will not disappear in U.S. What will disappear though is their extravagant profits.


Combination of private and public medical care quite successfully exists in many European countries and in Australia. You may learn from them.



Scumbags and proud of it


Crowds of people gathered yesterday in Washington to protest what they call Obama Nazism and huge Government spending. And the media treated them as if they are heroes. Let us see who they really are.


First, let us see what brings up their anger.


Reason #1: they are angry that illegal aliens would get medical care.

Reason #2: they believe that their medical care would disappear.

Reason #3: Government spends too much money for health care.


If I were a reporter there, I would have asked them the following questions.


1) Do you know how much money were spent in the past 8 years on killing people in Iraq and Afghanistan?


2) How come all those 8 years, you didn't bother to come here and protest those exorbitant spending?


3) Do you realise that skyrocketing costs of health care means only one thing, that salaries of doctors, insurance company executives and profit of hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are increasing at much higher rate than the rate of inflation?


4) If you do understand the reason for skyrocketing health care expenses, why don't you protest what needs to be protested, namely, greed of those mentioned in question 3?


5) You wouldn't let a dog to die without medical help; if you have a rapist or robber who was caught red-handed, shot police, got shot back, he has to be delivered to a hospital and medical care has to be provided to him; so, why are you so adamant that illegal aliens shouldn't get at least as much as a dog, a rapist or a robber?


What sounds to me so astounding is that President of U.S. has had to say that illegal aliens would not be covered and Congressman shouted with him with hatred "You lie". Why shouldn't President of the richest country in the world said the following: "We won't allow a dog to die , whether a person is here legally or illegally, he is entitled to health care. This is what France does and we are at least as good as French".


There is one more thing about illegal aliens. They are being exploited like slaves. They are underpaid, they are extremely profitable for American economy, so even from this point of view, it makes sense to provide them with health care.


People who get angry because some other human being would be provided with medical care and do not get angry when Government spends much greater amount of money on killing people in other countries can only be called scoundrels and scumbags and media should show them as such.


Posted on August 2, 2009


The cheapest way to save our planet


Many things are being said about our planet in peril. About fighting climate change, lowering emissions and how expensive all this is. Here is the simplest and cheapest way to save our planet and to reduce emissions. Stop bloody multiplying like rats! There are too many of us here. Nobody is talking of how much CO2 everyone of us is breathing out everyday. Stop bloody multiplying like rats. The worse part of it is that the most stupid part of population is multiplying the most.



Posted on August 7, 2009


Money to kill and money to heal


Media repeatedly states that health care bill would cost more than a trillion dollars for 10 years. And I am wondering, why do they count the amount for 10 years instead of counting the money needed per year.

On the other hand, the media reported about $100 billion appropriated in July for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and this is the amount just until September. Nobody counts here how many trillion would the war cost in 10 years. Why is that?

The answer is very simple: the trillion dollars appeared in order to scare people and to erode support for Health reform. On the other hand, media doesn't wish to create negative reaction in public towards war. We always had enough money "to kill", and we always do not have enough money "to heal".

I remember, many years ago, Reagan refused to sign Clean Air Act, because it was too expensive. How much is too expensive? $30 billion. This about the amount of money which is wasted in one month for killing.

Have in mind, who is getting these billions. It is not American soldiers who get those billion, it is people like Cheney running companies who sell Government hammer at $600 a piece and toilet seats at $1000 a piece. Remember those stories?

Sad, sad, sad country.


Posted on August 16, 2009


How to pay for health care


Here is a subject nobody talks about for some reason. Everybody is saying that health care is too expensive, everybody is talking about the need to raise taxes to pay for it and nobody is asking a very simple question: why the hell is Health Care so expensive? And here is the answer. Because bloody doctors are being paid too much money which they do not deserve no matter how you look at it.


Now, ask yourself, why on Earth should medical doctor be paid at least 10 times what an Engineer is paid. Have in mind that medical doctor does not have any advance scientific degree. A person with doctorate in Engineering gets less than 1/5th of what medical doctors get and it takes much more time and effort to get doctorate in Engineering than it is to become a medical doctor.


In majority of countries in Europe, medical doctors are paid about at par with Engineers. For example, in France, salary of medical doctor is between 50 and 150 thousand dollars per year. Are French doctors less qualified than American doctors? Last time I checked, they were the first in the world to perform face transplant.


So, here is the solution. Cut the salaries of those blood suckers and there will be no problem to pay for medical care and a lot of money will still be left over.


Posted on August 16, 2009


Rick Sanchez + tasers


Rick Sanchez made a spectacle pretending to be subject of being tasered, after which, he admitted that his brother was a policeman and the whole thing was made to promote use of tasers. I just wonder how much was he paid for this infomercial.


But the main point here is, was he really tasered? This is what I saw. Judging for his physical reaction, he was subject to electric shock for less than half a second, the shot was in the back and he was supported by two people so that he would not, God forbid, fall. Now, here is my suggestion to him. If he wants to demonstrate that he was subject to tasering, let him go through the real thing, namely, let him be struck from the front, with nobody supporting him and let the discharge of electricity be at least 10 seconds. Or, to be even more real, let him have the Dziekanski experience. He was tasered 5 times, each time between 10 and 15 seconds. If he is still alive after that, let him come to the microphone and praise tasers.



Posted on August 24, 2009


Elections in Afghanistan


A number of our soldiers gave their lives to enable Afghanis to participate in elections. Now, let us see what these lives are wasted for. You have one crooked and corrupt Government, who according to every observer rigged the election to get re-elected. Was this a good reason to have our soldiers killed? Does it have anything to do with democracy?


Use common sense. Karzai has been in power for over 7 years. Afghanistan under his leadership is considered the second most corrupt in the world, right after Somalia. Now, there are two options here. Afghanis are completely dumb if they vote for such a president yet again, or they did not vote and their vote was rigged. Would you vote for a president who made your country the second most corrupt country in the world?


Whatever are the answers to those questions, we are wasting lives of our soldiers for nothing. It is time to say so loud and clear.



Posted on August 24, 2009


To pay for abortions


Majority of civilized countries in the world pay for abortions. Somehow, it is taken for granted in the U.S. that taxpayer money should not be used to pay for abortions. Here is argument why this is wrong.


1) Unwanted child would not have any satisfactory quality of life and it has been proven in "Freakonomics" that legalization of abortion in U.S. resulted in significant decline in crime. It is obvious that abused children become angry adults who are more likely to commit violent crime.


2) The main problem of this planet is that there are too many of us already here. So, every mean of reduction of our number should be welcome and supported by Government.


3) There are people who do not want their tax money to be used for abortion, and there are people who want their tax money to pay for abortion. How about separating tax money of those who object from those who agree and pay for abortions from the tax money of those who agree?



Posted on September 9, 2009


Truth about Obama education speech


Have you noticed strange hoopla over Obama education speech? Media show us parents stating that they don't want their children indoctrinated by Obama. Obama's speech was published, there is no indoctrination there and still parents do not want their children to hear it. What is interesting, the media didn't even try to get to the bottom of it. Why do those parents still refuse that their children hear his speech?


Parents should have noticed that their children don't give a damn what the parents are saying and don't give a damn about what teachers are saying. Do you think they would give a damn about what the President is saying. Here is the real reason why those parents are so adamant: they are bloody racists, they cannot stomach the idea that a black president will be talking to white kids. It is that bloody simple. And the media seems to be too scared to state this simple proof.


Have you noticed that some black schools made it mandatory for children to hear the speech? America is as racist as it has ever been.


Do you now understand why so many people around the world hate Americans?



Posted on September 11, 2009


Jerry Lewis Telethon


Latest Jerry Lewis telethon collected over $65 million. The telethon exists for 43 years by now. They collected well over a billion dollars. Now, let us see what these billion dollars bought us. One thing is obvious. Over 20% of this money went to administration and fundraising. This means that somebody got a good chunk of over $200 million.


Now, let us see whether sick people are better off now then they were 43 years ago. As far as prevention is concerned, more people are sick now than 40 years ago. As far as cure is concerned, nobody has been cured. Ask yourself a very simple question, what would be the most terrible thing which might happen to all those running wheelchair manufacturing plants, communication devices, camps for children, etc. The answer is obvious, cure for MD would be the most disastrous for them. The same goes for executives of the association.


What has been really done is production of wheelchairs ($2,000 per wheelchair), communication device, etc. Ask yourself a very simple question, why would a wheelchair or communication device cost that much. It is because they are making huge profit on human misery.


Look now at their medical advances. I quote from their website: Sodium Phenylbutyrate Trial begains in ALS. Ok, and what is the result of the trial? The same goes for all other trials. There is nothing on the website about results. There is a peculiar thing about medication which claims to slow down progression of the disease. I can take any substance, declare that it slows down progression of the disease and sell it for huge money. There is no way to establish whether that certain medication did or did not slow down progression of the disease. The only real way to establish it to have a human being live his life twice. One with medication and the other without medication. And this is not possible. Since everyone dies in the end, pharamacetical companies makes a lot of money.


It's about time somebody asks Jerry Lewis why the huge amount of money he has collected in 40+ years didn't do a single solitary thing as far as cure is concerned.



Posted on September 11, 2009


To call a spade a spade


We are hearing a lot about cost of health care shooting through the roof. How about being more specific, namely, some people are getting paid too much and let us name those people. Then, it will be clear how to reduce the cost of health care and then, it will be clear why some people are obviously hired to shut down the Health reform.


Here we go, doctors are paid too much, health care executives are paid too much, hospitals are over charging patients, Pharmaceutical companies are overcharging patients. What needs to be done is to establish by law what is called reasonable compensation and forbid companies going over this limit. If doctors in France get $150,000 a year for performing the same thing for which several doctors get several millions, then it is time to cut his pay. The same goes for hospitals charging thousands of dollars for a syringe, or Pharmaceutical companies charging $10 for a pill, whose production cost is 1 cent. This nonsense should stop.



Posted on September 17, 2009


Passion - really?


Every TV station played Serena Williams shouting, threatening and insulting line judge at the U.S. open. She claimed that her outburst was a result of her passionate attitude towards her beloved tennis. Really? Take a look at her just prior to her outburst. She obviously gave it a thought and deliberately decided to do it. Why she did it becomes clear from what followed after that. She has a book to sell! One way to attract attention to the book is to do something good. She obviously couldn't do that. Another way to attract attention to the book is to do something very bad. This is easy and she did it. Revolting and despicable. She finally apologized to fans, but it seems to me that she never apologized to who she should have apologized in the first place - the judge. But she certainly secured herself appearances at every TV station in U.S. to sell her book.



Posted on October 9, 2009


My nomination for nobel peace prize


Obama so far didn't do a single solitary thing to achieve peace anywhere on the planet. All what he did - trying to undo some of the harm that Bush did - and this is certainly not enough.


My nomination for nobel peace prize is for the guy who threw both shoes at Bush. He did not achieve peace, but he certainly did more than Obama.


As far as Obama is concerned, he needs his reaction to be checked whether he would be fast enough to evade oncoming shoes aimed at him, because if he continues on the path he is now, he is the next one to dodge a shoe.


Posted on October 29, 2009


I told you so


I stated in my previous submission in Afghanistan that we have no business being there, that our soldiers are giving their life for no good reason and some people responded that I am not there, never been there and don't know what I am talking about. Now read the letter of former Marine and state department official Hoh, who is there and is saying exactly the same thing as I did.


One more interesting development. Brother of Afghanistan president is number 1 drug dealer and also is being paid by CIA. Mind boggling.


Do you sincerely believe that he could operate, without sharing his profit with his president brother?





Posted on November 9, 2009


General Casey declared that shooting in Fort Hood was kick in the guts. I agree, except that this kick in the guts is well deserved. Number of civilian killed in these two countries is counted in hundreds of thousands. Several million of Iraqis had to leave their own country fearing for their lives. Will anybody ever be held responsible for these war crimes and crimes against humanity?




Side effects


I am listening to amazement some of medication commercials. Here is one example, Advair. It claims to treat both causes of asthma. So, one may presume that it must be an effective medication, until you hear about possible side effects: death from asthma.



Posted on November 14, 2009


9/11 trials


People expressed concern that 9/11 masterminds will get too many rights at their trial. Here is one little thing. If you are absolutely sure that they are guilty, then there is no need for any trial. On the other hand, if you want to make sure that really guilty people are convicted and executed, then elementary decency requires that they are presumed to be not guilty and given all the rights which any other accused had. And right #1 is to be tried by an impartial jury. There is no way they can have a fair trial in a courthouse near those buildings which were blown up. The trial should be moved to another state.


One great man said that people who prefer to sacrifice their liberty for the sake of their security do not deserve either.



To or not to pig follow up


There was a recent report stating numerous occasion where parole officer could have discovered and liberated girl Dugard from sex offender Garrido, but didn't. The excuse: parole is overworked because he has 40 sex offenders in his file, which gives him 7 minutes per day per offender. First, if work days of parole officers is 8 hours, then 8 hours/40 gives 12 minutes, not 7. But I suggest to use different arithmetic.


Here is my arithmetics to use. Every month contains about 22 working days. So, every two months, parole officer can devote the WHOLE day, namely, at least 8 hours to one particular offender and if parole officer spends those 8 hours really verifying certain offender, he would have found this girl within 2 months from her kidnapping, not 18 years later and by accident.


Using my arithmetics, parole officer is not that overworked after all, is he?



Posted on November 21, 2009


Killings at the canal in Iraq and killings at Forthood


It seems very strange to me that nobody draws a parallel between those two events, while in fact, the reasons for both events are essentially the same.


According to CNN, three sergeants in Iraq captured 4 Iraqis and decided that since they did not have any proof against them, they would be released later on. For some reason, they believed that Iraqis were bad people and after being released, they might kill one of their friends, brothers in arms. In order to save those brothers in arms, according to them, the 4 Iraqis have to be killed and this is what they did.


Now, look at Hassan's reasoning. Soldiers at Fort Hood were about to be deployed to Iraq and there, he was sure, they will start killing his brothers Muslims and it was his duty to save his brothers. In order to save those brothers, he needed to kill their murderers, namely soldiers at Fort Hood. And this is what he did.


You see the similarity?


There is though slight difference between these two events in details.


1) American soldiers did the murders cowardly, hoping to get away with murders. I am sure they were not the only ones who did similar murders and majority did get away with those murders. Hassan did it in the open and will pay with his life with what he did.


2) American soldiers had no evidence that 4 Iraqis were involved in anything. So most probably, they killed innocent people. Hassan, being psychiatrist, has numerous stories of American soldiers killing innocent Iraqis. So, he was sure he was executing potential or actual murderers.




Posted on December 2, 2009


Was there an explosion?


I have doctorate in Mechanical Engineering.


I read your petition mentioning explosion. You would be correct if those buildings had been built with columns. My understanding is that those buildings were built in criminal manner, namely, without columns. This is why they imploded so fast.


I suggest that you contact those who designed the buildings and ask them a very simple question, namely, if those buildings had columns.



Posted on December 3, 2009


Who gets the million dollars?


It was reported that deployment of just one American solider in Afghanistan costs a million dollars per year. What astonishes me is that nobody asks a very simple question: who gets this million?


Let's do some arithmetic. One million divided by 365 days gives about $2,740 per day. Presume that soldier is being paid $50,000 a year (I doubt this is so, but for the sake of argument). This comes to about $140 per day. Now, questions is, who gets $2,600 per every soldier every day. $2,600 can buy 5 start hotel, a kilo of caviar, plus the best Champaign, plus a whole lot more. Soldier generally sleeps in the street, gets to eat dry ration of food and cold shower if he's lucky. So, who gets $2,600 per day per soldier and for what?



Posted on December 27, 2009


Dummies in Homeland security


Lately, some guy from Nigeria tried to blow up American plane. Homeland security responded with new rules which only a complete dummy can invent. Now, all the passengers will be ordered to sit in their places one hour prior to landing. Now imagine a guy with diarrhea who cannot sit for an hour. What are they going to do with him?


As far as terrorists are concerned, do you think this rule will stop them in any shape or form? They have two obvious solutions.


1) Go to the toilet, one hour and one minute, prior to landing;
2) There are not obliged to blow up airplane immediately prior to landing. They can quite successfully do it over an ocean which would guarantee that everyone will be killed even if plane is not blown to pieces, but still goes in the ocean.


The dummies in Homeland security do not seem to understand that the only way to keep American planes safe is to change American policy, so that people around the world would not hate Americans so much that they would be ready to kill themselves in order to kill Americans. To the best of my knowledge, no Swiss airplanes was ever blown up. Ask yourself why.