Posted on April 15, 2012


Response to Barry Wilsonís Postcript of April 13, 2012


I can describe society in which I was born and it is all true. There were no sexual mutilation of not only of women in the society where I was born, but male circumcision was also generally disapproved, nobody was hungry, nobody lived in the street, nobody had to pay taxes. If you get sick, you telephone hospital and doctor comes to your home the same day FREE OF CHARGE. Not only every level of education was free, but if you study well at the University, Government paid you. And if you study excellent, you get double pay. If you get to study post graduate, not only is it free, but you get paid even more than undergraduate student. So, repeating the words of Barry Wilson, they had to look around and they had it pretty good...or did they? The country I was born was called...


...Soviet Union.


On the other hand, if society as poor and oppressive as Soviet Union could afford free education for everyone, why can't rich and civilized Quebec do the same.