How Jailers provoke prisoners

Jailersí worst nightmare - there is no more crime, so they are doing their best to insure that released criminals would commit another crime and come back.  Violent crimes are committed by angry people. Jailers know that and are doing their best to make every prisoner mad as hell.  The general rule to make a person angry and to provoke him is very simple. First, jailers allow certain thing (it does not matter what it is, it can be a visit, a telephone call, permission to buy something, etc.), then all of the sudden, this permitted thing is no longer permitted, and some deliberately stupid excuse is given for the change.  The prisoner feels double offended, because he feels like jailers are taking him for stupid.  I am sure, top jail psychologists have worked on these schemes.  Numerous other schemes also exist.

I give several examples, how they are doing it.

Back in Donnacona jail, jailers charged me with a "serious disciplinary offense" - forging and falsification of government documents. What did I do? In jail, there are numerous forms prisoners have to fill in when they need something. One such form is called "Inmate's Request Form".  It is available in open racks, and a prisoner has to fill it in, for example, if he wants soap, a meeting with unit manager, etc. I prepared such a form on my computer and when needed, I filled it in and printed on a plain paper, without using forms provided by jailers.  This was my crime.

When I first received the formal accusation, I started laughing thinking just how stupid jailers were: one can not forge a document, which is available on any corner and where such forging does not bring him any benefit; and then it hit me: jailers are criminal, but not stupid, their logic was very simple: the more outrageous is the accusation, the greater is the probability that the prisoner would explode in rage - they wanted to provoke me!  Of course, they did not succeed and the matter was never brought to the disciplinary court, but after my death, a yellow journalist will get hold of this accusation and write that Fabrikant was a crook and even in jail tried to forge government documents.

In 1998, I had a heart attack, I needed medical care and I felt my life to be in danger.  Jailers knew, that the situation was similar to that of Concordia in 1992, in the sense that then I also felt my life to be in danger, so that Concordia administration with the help of Quebec judges and psychologists managed to provoke me into killing of four people there.  Jailers hoped to exploit this situation and to provoke me into something violent yet again.  These dumbheads did not understand that I am now immune to any provocation.

Several such attempts to provoke me took place in Cowansville jail in 1999. -I have found a doctor in B.C., who was prepared to perform an angioplasty.  I needed to be transported there.  I filed an application and was refused with the reason, that I have all the necessary treatment available here in Quebec, which jailers knew to be false. Jailers hoped that this outright lie would provoke me. It did not, so they tried a next step- I was called to the office where Unit Manager Page and warden Hyppolite offered me to apply for a permanent transfer to B.C., and they promised to support this application.

I filed the proper application.  As I expected, jailers did not keep their promise.  Several months later, I was called to the office of parole officer Bouchard.  Together with her was sitting a big muscular man (keeper, he had no business being there).  She told me that my application was rejected, and again the reason was that I had all the medical care available here in Quebec.  The situation was very clear to me: they expected me to attack the woman, and then the muscular man would have an excuse to kill me defending poor woman.

I am sitting there and not uttering a single word.  Both Bouchard and the man are surprised, and she asks me: "Arenít you going to say something?" I just said that I have to go, stood up and left.  My concern was that one day jailers would finally realize that nothing in the world would provoke me; the man could have killed me then and there, and then pretend that I attacked the woman and he defended her.  I do not want to give them any chance.

The latest spectacle.  I came from the hospital back to jail on July 21, 2002.  Jailers searched me and found my medication, which I was given at the hospital.  The medication was confiscated.  Two days later, I received a written charge of serious offense (together with 4 other charges) -possession of contraband.  It was quite a spectacle, how these accusations were given to me: several guards around me, taunting and trying to provoke a violent reaction.  I know all this by heart, and I just laugh at their stupidity.

I have developed a coping method: I write complaints, thousands of them.  I do not write false complaints, but I do not let jailers to get away with tiniest breach of rules.  For example, they have to open our cells at 7.20 a.m. If they are 5 minutes late, I write a complaint.  The procedure creates a feeling of "fighting back".

Majority of prisoners do not understand all this and they get provoked very easily.  For example, one guy at school has written an article, criticizing jailers' use of ionoscan - an apparatus which claims to be able to detect microscopic quantities of drugs. Visitors are subjected to this machine, and if the result is positive for drugs, visit is cancelled. The machine gives a lot of false positive results.  The man wrote that he was prepared to tolerate mistreatment of himself, but he warned not to touch his family.

Effectively, he gave jailers the idea how to get him.  When his wife and a 3-year-old daughter came to visit him, jailers tested the daughter and told him that she tested positive and that their visit was cancelled.  The man lost it: he grabbed a chair and smashed it against the wall. Nobody got hurt, but the man was placed in segregation and shipped to Donnacona jail.

On my previous postings, several people expressed opinions: why should they care that criminals get mistreated, criminals deserve to be mistreated. -There are 2 reasons why.  First, jailers deliberately produce many more criminals than there would have been, and you are paying for jailerís bacon.  Second, almost every prisoner one day is getting out, and he is coming to the apartment next to yours or a house next to yours, and he is angry, very angry.  The problem with criminals, they do not go back to take revenge on the guards who mistreated them; they take their anger out on anyone, who is nearby and who is weak.  So, God save you and your loved ones.

Dance of thanksgiving

I watched in disbelief this "dance" during Popeís visit.  Imagine several mentally and physically disabled human beings in wheelchairs on the scene and several seemingly normal adults waiving wide ribbons, then running in circles along the scene, while pushing these wheelchairs in front of them, then waiving the ribbons yet again. The humans (majority of them children) clearly had no capacity to understand what was going around them and certainly did not enjoy jerking of their wheelchairs at the start of each run.

The dance was called "thanksgiving".  Thanks from whom to whom?  From poor handicapped to God?  For what?  For destroying their lives and denying them the potential which was given to many others around them?  If they were rendered handicapped by a human being, such a human would be called a criminal and be serving a very long sentence, and only an insane would thank that criminal for anything.

Am I missing something?


The king is naked!

I have watched on TV people crying and ecstatic of their love for the Pope.  Here is what I see.  An old man, incapable to utter couple of words without reading them, incapable to pronounce them in such a way that they be understood, without having them printed on TV screen. I tried to listen to him with closed eyes, and I could get less that a third of the words.

It was announced that he was fluent in 9 languages.  Listen to his English and French: I am not sure he understands well what he is reading. He was reading every word when describing the last supper. Imagine a mathematician giving a mathematical lecture and reading from a paper: Two plus two gives four". Would you believe the man is a good mathematician?  The last supper for a theologian is the same as "two plus two".

Wake up, people, the king is naked!